Boiler Repair £65.00  
Boiler Service £55.00  
Gas Fire service £55.00  
Gas inspection £55.00  
Gas inspection including standard boiler service £60.00  
Fire and Back boiler service £100.00  

Workmanship you can rely on

Gascall are so confident that our workmanship is top quality we guarantee every single job we undertake. On completion of the job the engineer we provide the customer with our written guarantee. For general repairs or where parts have been changed/replaced on existing pipework the guarantee period will be up to 12 Months. For complete new installations were new pipework has been installed we provide a 2 year guarantee. Upgrades can be given depending on the circumstances and the area the work is completed.

All Materials provided and purchased by us on the behalf of the customer will be covered by the manufactures guarantee. Gascall do not warranty any parts or products we only guarantee our workmanship. In the event of a faulty part/product Gascall will do our best to follow up with the manufacturers.