Power Flushing in Cardiff from £350

These signs indicate your system may need a power flush :-

Banging noises coming from your boiler.
Radiators not as hot as the should be.
Noises in your pipes.
Small leaks coming from the radiators.
Dirty water coming form your radiators.
Central heating takes a long time to heat up.
Boiler keeps going into lock-out and needs resetting often.
Pump failure.
Radiators hot on top and cold at the bottom.
Hot water not very hot or fluctuates between hot and cold.


What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is anextremely effective deep cleansing process intended to improve the efficiency of central heating systems. Power flushing works by pumping water, mixed with specially formulated chemicals, at high speed throughout the central heating system.

This cleansing process will dislodge any harmful deposits that may have developed by internal corrosion and carry them into suspension in the high-speed flowing water.

The whole power flushing method is made more effective by the utilisation of the chemicals added to the water. There is also anmechanism that will reverse the flow of the water which results in a lot of turbulence within the radiators.

The end result is a very effective cleansing process and ensures most of the accumulated sludge is removed.

After the loose deposits have been entirely flushed from the heating system, the restoration of the central heating system to normal working should only takearound 25-35minutes.

Power flushing is one of the most efficient and cost effective techniques to cleanse a central heating system and restore it to excellent working condition.


Benefits of Power Flushing

Power Flushingwill help to maintain your central heating system working at optimum efficiency. The cleansing of the system and radiators removes sludge deposits that may have accumulated over a period of time. Power Flushingalso protects against possible future damage and corrosion. Flushing your heating system can certainly reduce your heating bills and ensure maximum performance for your heating in your property.

There are numerous benefits of havinga power flush to clean and purify your existing central heating system. These benefits will ultimately save you money on bills on expensive boiler repair costs in the future.


Improves overall central heating efficiency

Save up to 25% on heating bills!

Extend the lifespan of your boiler &radiators

Improves water circulation

Quieter system, decreases boiler noise

Heating up periods are reduced

Hotter radiators

Prevention of potential future boiler problems

Fast, easy to do. Can be completedin a day

Viable alternative to having a new heating system installed


Gascall Plumbers specialise in power flushing

We have all the correct equipment and top of the range flushing units. From experience we only use fernox and kamo machines, as the cheaper brands tend to not work as well. Because we specialise in power flushing we can offer very competitive prices and all our work is fully guaranteed. Our power flushing experts in Cardiff will be polite, on time and respect you and your home and keep it in a clean and safe environment.






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